You don’t know where to place your scissors and clippers, are you looking for order and safety for your work tools?

MACS UNICO SMALL ELM is the solution! Thanks to its magnetic properties it will keep 2 clippers and 2 scissors in order and firmly, you can store it as you like on the work surface or on the trolley, you will no longer have to worry about dropping your work tools, in an instant you can remove them to proceed with your cut: MACS UNICO SMALL ELM will be your faithful helper!

Elegance and practicality in Your Salon!

MACS UNICO SMALL ELM a magnetic tablet that allows you to have tidy scissors and clippers, it can support and hold 2 clippers and 2 scissors.

The scissors must be placed perpendicularly where they are held by the powerful magnets, so the grip is comfortable.

• at the table

• elm wood, plexiglass and metal

Max cap:
• 2 clippers and 2 scissors (scissors and clippers NOT INCLUDED)

Do you want your logo screen-printed or a particular writing? We make it for you. Send us an email to info@macstheoriginal.com for more information.

No more precious clippers / scissors thrown on the trolley!


Brand: MACS The Original

0.920 kg
37 × 19.5 × 7 cm