Plex Barber America for 4 clipper machines


Magnetic tablet for 4 clippers

Table-top or wall-mounted.

Practicality and safety, with determination!

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Plex Barber America is a magnetic tablet to support and hold 4 clippers. It has been designed and built so that the grip is comfortable, and maximum safety. Suitable for Barber and Hairdresser.

Plex Barber America for 4 clipper machines can be placed at the table, or on the trolley.
The materials used are plexiglass wood and metal. All Eco recyclable, so this Barber is Eco friendly.

Don’t forget to buy the bracket.

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Protect your precious hair clippers!


Brand: MACS The Original

0.942 kg
37 × 19.5 × 7 cm