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Magnetic tablet for hairdressers, barbers and beauticians scissors. For wall or table.

Suitable for up to 4 scissors.

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Plex Pad Small Black is a magnetic tablet to support and hold the hairdresser’s and Barber’s scissors.

The scissors should be placed perpendicular to the groove where they are retained by the powerful magnets. So the grip is comfortable.

Plex Pad Small Black can be placed at the table, on the trolley or on the wall by its supplied white hook. The product is made with plexiglass and metal. All Eco recyclable, therefore Plex Pad is Eco friendly.

The top right print is customizable.

Would you like your printed logo or a particular writing? We do it for you. Send us an email to info@macstheoriginal.com for more info.

Never again the precious scissors thrown on the cart!


Brand: MACS The Original